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This cross was sent as a illustration and we turned it into a reality. If you have a idea we can help you make it happen.

Handmade heart cross. Some slight imperfections may occur during the creative process due to the fact that these are made by actual humans and not robots from the future. All our crosses come with ribbon and ribbon color may vary depending on availability. These crosses are about 8.5" tall x 6.5" wide. Again, size may vary a tiny bit due the to human element involved in making them. All our products are hand made in Houston, Texas with clay from Austin, Texas and California. Crosses are hand painted with glazes from California and Indiana. This cross is made with white clay and has a hole in the top for hanging.

Bobert's cross is a combination of hand-painting, stamps and a raised heart ornament. 

Ceramic Heart Cross (Bobert's Cross) Custom Made

  • We are sorry but custom orders can not be returned. 

  • 8.5" tall x 6.5" wide

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