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BLUE domino




BLUE domino ceramic pieces are inspired by universal influences from living all around the world. We have planted a few roots in Texas and have found such eclectic beauty and prosperity here. At Blue Domino we celebrate life and diversity, and just as every person is unique, our ceramics are handmade and hand painted and totally individual. Straight edges and production line uniformity are not really our thing. 

Browse our product pages and we hope you'll find something that calls to you. If you have your own individual design in mind, we'd love to hear your ideas and accommodate them if we can


BLUE domino  designs are as vibrant and varied as our family, friends and customers. Our lead designer and owner of the company, Stacy A.C. has been creating niche ceramics since graduating in Fine Arts and Graphic Design from the University of Houston. When she is not rescuing stray dogs (like me) from local parks, she can be found in her studio making and painting our colourful and detailed wares.  

Within reason and the bounds of taste and decency. If they're really good ideas and we steal them and make millions, we'll remember you fondly and change our number.

 Just kidding we don't really care about the taste and decency part.


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