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Our fabulous ceramic soup cups and plates are wonderful for all of your comfort foods needs. Whether it be chicken soup and sandwiches or ice cream and cake these will brighten up your day. Cup and Mugs are adorned with subtle gold accents so it is best to hand wash these. Chicken soup cups and plates are all hand made and hand painted. They are not perfectly conformed due to the human characteristic in their construction. Soup Cup and Plates can be customized with any breed of chicken, rooster or colors. The dimension of the cup is roughly 4.25” tall x 5” wide and the plate is 7” wide. 

Soup cups and plates are made with white clay and are a combination of hand-painting, stamps and gold luster.

Ceramic Rhode Island Red Chicken Soup Cup and Plate

  • CUP 4.25” tall x 5”  PLATE is 7” wide

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