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This little piece of wonderful has a round front door and Ventilation holes along the sides to help with our balmy, sweltering Houston heat. The Atomic Villa is adorned with a succulent planter decorating the side of the house. Planter has drainage holes so your tiny floras won't get root rot, wither away and die. All bird houses come equipped with plastic-coated galvanized wire for hanging. Bird houses do not come with succulents but they do come with a teenie flamingo for your planter. Colors will not fade in the sun and bird house will not warp because it is ceramic.

Atomic Villa Mid Century Modern Birdhouse

  • Ceramic bird houses are hand made from mid range fired clay and glazes. This clay is fired close to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit so they will stand up to extreme heat and freezing temperatures.  Once the birds have all flown the coop remove any nesting material and clean the hell out of it with mild soap and water but please make sure all feathered creatures have left the building. Bird Houses take about 4 weeks to complete. 

  • We are a made to order company, we do have some items we keep in stock but due to the personal nature of our products they are created as soon as we get the order. If a piece is needed in a rush please contact us either by email or calling and we will work with you. Shipping times may vary and be a little longer during certain seasons. All bird houses take up to 3 weeks to make. Times may vary depending on demand.

    Thank you!

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