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We love everything Tarot here at Blue Domino. From the variety of the beautiful indie card decks to our favorite, insightful tarot reader Kim at Tarotluv.com. We hope you enjoy these wonderful ceramic tarot  planters. Each planter has a hole in the bottom for drainage. The card's design is taken from the traditional Rider-Waite collection and we have slightly redesigned and added our own vibrant color pallet and texture to it. Each planter will have only one Tarot card embedded in it. Please choose one option from either Major Arcana Cards or Minor Arcana Cards.

Dimensions are roughly:

2.75” tall x 2.75” wide and I do mean roughly because these are handmade by mere mortals. The Tarot Card image is indented into the clay and covered in a hard resign. The image may fade if left in direct, blinding sunlight. PLANT NOT INCLUDED

Tarot Card (Death) Succulent Planter

Major Arcana
Minor Arcana

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